08 November 2006


I'm not sure if this blog will be regular, but I have many ideas, thoughts and just random talks about ReSharper. ReSharper is undoubtedly the most intelligent add-in to Visual Studio .NET 2005. I joined the team in 2006 and I'm doing my best to make this product not only smarter, but also be more usable, have better look and feel and improve interaction experience. And, as I look at the code and features, I undestand that a lot more should be done to make developer's life even easier and pleasurable.

This blog is not for supporting ReSharper users, visit Support Page if you need help. It's not about past days of ReSharper, nor about bugs or incomplete features. It is all about future, ideas, horizons and trends for productivity boosting tools in general and, of course, with ReSharper in focus.

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