31 January 2008

ReSharper 4 EAP Will Start in Two Weeks

ReSharper 4 Early Access Program will start within next two weeks, before Feb 15.

The delay is caused mostly by the complexity of lambda implementation, which we really want to do right so that the power of C# 3.0 and ReSharper can be utilized at a full rate. Now, when we have lambdas working, we will finish with LINQ processing, polish the code a bit and start nightly builds.

I'm going to post some feature highlights here during that period. This will cover C# 3.0 new features support, new features like Complete Statement and Recent Edits, improvements in intellisense like CamelHumps completion and other.

Stay tuned.

25 January 2008

One Line - Navigation in Parameter Information

When ReSharper's parameter information is displayed for a method, TAB and SHIFT-TAB will navigate caret through arguments you are passing.

14 January 2008

One Line - Find Usages Advanced

When you want to search for all overloads of a method, or search for type and its members usages, or search in referenced libaries in addition to source code - use Find Usages Advanced command (ReSharper | Search | Find Usages Advanced...).