08 April 2008

Extending the Extension -- ReSharper Plug-Ins

ReSharper, the ultimate productivity tool for Visual Studio, is not just pre-packaged set of features. ReSharper provides rich platform for intelligent extensions, which can read and modify code and provide even more productivity features to you. I thought I would compile list of known public plugins.

ReSharper PowerToys - cyclomatic complexity analysis, explore type interface, find text, generate ToString, csUnit support. Open Source.

RGreatEx - resource refactoring and string manipulation. Commercial.

MbUnit - support for MbUnit tests in ReSharper Unit Testing subsystem. Open Source

xUnit - support for xUnit tests in ReSharper Unit Testing subsystem. Open Source

NSpecify - support for NSpecify in ReSharper Unit Testing subsystem. Open Source

Agent Smith - naming convention validation, spell checking, xml-comments validation, smart paste. Open Source

Agent Johnson - documents exceptions, batch-annotate with NotNull/CanBeNull, favorite files. Open Source

ARP - log4net and NHibernate support. Open Source

Stefan Lieser’s NHibernate plugin - NHibernate support. Free

Scout - navigate to .NET Framework Reference Source. Open Source

If you know any other public plugins to ReSharper, let us know!

02 April 2008

We Read You, Anonymous

9 minutes ago I've received the following from anonymous user of our uninstall feedback form:

I am uninstalling ReSharper because my licencse is only for C# :)
Reinstall is waiting for me, so i can't lose my time typing some unuseful text that won't be read anyway.

Have a good time, JetBrains Server!

Thank you, Anonymous, I will pass this to our administrators so they can decide which server to route information to :)