08 April 2008

Extending the Extension -- ReSharper Plug-Ins

ReSharper, the ultimate productivity tool for Visual Studio, is not just pre-packaged set of features. ReSharper provides rich platform for intelligent extensions, which can read and modify code and provide even more productivity features to you. I thought I would compile list of known public plugins.

ReSharper PowerToys - cyclomatic complexity analysis, explore type interface, find text, generate ToString, csUnit support. Open Source.

RGreatEx - resource refactoring and string manipulation. Commercial.

MbUnit - support for MbUnit tests in ReSharper Unit Testing subsystem. Open Source

xUnit - support for xUnit tests in ReSharper Unit Testing subsystem. Open Source

NSpecify - support for NSpecify in ReSharper Unit Testing subsystem. Open Source

Agent Smith - naming convention validation, spell checking, xml-comments validation, smart paste. Open Source

Agent Johnson - documents exceptions, batch-annotate with NotNull/CanBeNull, favorite files. Open Source

ARP - log4net and NHibernate support. Open Source

Stefan Lieser’s NHibernate plugin - NHibernate support. Free

Scout - navigate to .NET Framework Reference Source. Open Source

If you know any other public plugins to ReSharper, let us know!


Anonymous said...

Ilya, thank you for mentioning NSpecify. I've updated the post you are pointing to regarding NSpecify. There is quite a few new features in the library that we've not highlighted yet, like the extension library, new synonym attributes to decorate your specifications with and the usage of lambda's in the specifications. Currently you can compile the library to target either VS2K5 or VS2K8.

Andy Stopford said...


MbUnit has two plugins for R#. The v2 plugin you have mentioned and the v3 plugin is a part of the v3 installer which can be found on either http://www.gallio.org or http://www.mbunit.com.


drew noakes said...

Hi Ilya,

As far as I can tell, the R# powertoys are only for version 3.x.

Are there plans to re-release them for the new 4.0 API anytime soon?


Ilya Ryzhenkov said...

Drew, PowerToys for 4.0 are already updated and building with the ReSharper sources. We have to review them before release, though.

Anonymous said...

PowerToys for R# 4.x? I've been waiting for this release for months, would it be ready anytime soon?