09 June 2008

ReSharper 4.0 Gone Diamond

Here it is, ReSharper 4.0. After faceting our diamond, we are finally ready to release it!

In this new release, C# 3.0 is supported in all its power -- lambdas, extension methods, language integrated queries (aka LINQ), object and collection initializers, anonymous types, automatic properties and partial methods. Ah, of course implicitly typed locals ("vars") are there to argue for or against using them. I already wrote about some of the features, and you can find more information on the New Features page. Here is small final touch about how deeeeep we dived into the language: try introducing parameter from expression which uses local variables and play with checkboxes for local variables.

Except for new language support, we also improved our product in many other ways:
  • We added new powerful refactorings and greatly improved existing.

  • We extended typing helpers with CamelCase completion and Complete Statement. Now you can achieve more in less time.

  • We analysed many .NET Framework assemblies for you, and maked them up for you with CanBeNull/NotNull attributes. And ReSharper's value analysis raised to the next level.

  • We tested it with numerious other addons, plugins, SDKs and packages. And improved ReSharper's integration into Visual Studio ecosystem by a wonderful degree.

  • Of course we fixed a lot of problems and eliminated many performance bottlenecks.

I can't really enumerate all the improvements in ReSharper 4.0 made during last year. It would take too much space on this blog. Try it yourself! Feel the difference!

develop.With(pleasure => pleasure * 4.0);

03 June 2008

ReSharper 4.0 Release Candidate

After extensive testing and fixing problems in Beta we are ready to publish Release Candidate build. Some critical fixes can still happen in this branch, but otherwise we are almost ready to release.

If you are using any nightly build or beta, please upgrade to Release Candidate. If by chance you find a problem that prevents ReSharper 4 from being used on a regular basis, please tell us! You can submit request into our issue tracking system, and we will try hard to fix any critical problem, if we can reproduce it. So please, please, please, include as much information about your environment, projects and source files as you can.

Thank you very much for participating in our Early Access Program!