20 December 2007

ReSharper 3.1 is Released!

We are proud to announce the release of ReSharper 3.1. The new version not only brings many bugfixes, improved stability and new features, but also provides the opportunity of free upgrade to v4.0 for new purchases.

This minor - but extremely upgrade-worthy - release extends support for various technologies and languages including ASP.NET, VB.NET and XAML, and introduces the amazingly powerful Solution-Wide Analysis. The new feature lets you instantly find compilation errors in your whole solution - not just in the currently opened file.

Download it now and review release notes.

18 December 2007

One Line - Filtering Popup Lists

When recent files list is open, you can start typing and list will get filtered to show only items which contains entered text. This feature also works in all "Go to" popup lists, like Go To Usage or Go To Inheritors.

17 December 2007

One Line - Moving Code Around

Holding Ctrl-Alt-Shift and pressing arrow keys moves code around. It can move members up and down, reorder parameters in place, move statement within a block, move statement out of block or into block, and move XML tags around. Note, that it is just textual editing, it doesn't check if such move would be valid or fix any references.

16 December 2007

One Line - Naming Style

If you configure your field naming preferences in options (Options / Languages / Common / Naming Style), ReSharper will derive better names for properties and other entities when generating code.

12 December 2007

One Line - Create File From Template

You can use Alt-Ins in Solution Explorer to create file from one of your File Templates in the current folder.

Feature of ReSharper 3

11 December 2007

ReSharper and Visual Studio crash on x64

For those who experience problems running ReSharper on x64 machines, here is the bug description on Microsoft Connect.

It turns out that this crash is the result of a bug in the Wow64 layer of Windows x64 (XP/2003 – it has been fixed in Vista x64) and only manifests itself when another app globally hooks all Windows messages.
We are currently working with the Windows servicing folks to get a hotfix produced.

Updated 13 Feb:
Deep in the comments to the aforementioned request there is information about how to obtain hotfix:

If you are experiencing this issue you will need to contact Microsoft Customer
Service & Support (http://support.microsoft.com) and ask for the Windows
Hotfix with ID 947841. If you have any difficulty in obtaining the patch
ask the CSS representative to contact me (Sean Laberee).

I am also pleased to announce that we have created a workaround in VS 2008 SP1 which eliminates this problem and the need for the patch. That workaround is queued for checkin to our build process and will be available in the Beta of the service pack.

And also:

A quick update on the windows patch. I've confirmed with our support team that if you call in for this hotfix you will not be charged. They will set up a "Hot Fix" case for you. I've also received a report that there was some confusion as to whether this fix is for Win2003 or XP. I've confirmed that this fix does in fact apply to both releases.