20 December 2007

ReSharper 3.1 is Released!

We are proud to announce the release of ReSharper 3.1. The new version not only brings many bugfixes, improved stability and new features, but also provides the opportunity of free upgrade to v4.0 for new purchases.

This minor - but extremely upgrade-worthy - release extends support for various technologies and languages including ASP.NET, VB.NET and XAML, and introduces the amazingly powerful Solution-Wide Analysis. The new feature lets you instantly find compilation errors in your whole solution - not just in the currently opened file.

Download it now and review release notes.


Chris Brandsma said...

Ah, good news. Keep'em coming.

(especially v4.0 with C# 3.0 support)

Nesher said...

How to disable Xaml support?
Sorry, but it is very slow :(

01000010 said...

the solution wide analysis is fantastic.

It could be more configurable though. Right now we can only see the solution wide view for errors, but not for warnings.

Warnings are configurable, but we can only display them in files and we can't get the big picture view.

Unless I am missing something?

Ilya Ryzhenkov said...


This is all a matter of performance. Currently we think it is not as fast as it can be, and thus warnings are not included. Also, to be able to compile you have to have zero errors, so errors list is usually small and tend to be empty. This is not true for warnings, and we don't have good UI to manage large amounts of messages in the view.

I'm sure eventually it will include warnings and some other things.

Ilya Ryzhenkov said...


As far as I know there is no straitforward way to do this... I will check if there is some hackish way for it.

tCodex said...

this is so irritating - I upgraded to 3.x thinking .net 3.5 support would be built into that. no such luck: instead jetbrains seems to move the support which should have been in v3.x resharper to v4.0 requiring yet another financial upgrade - kind of a rip off and the existing patchy support for SOME .net 3.0 features just outrightly is poor.

I will not waste money on further upgrades or time.

Buyer beware - this vendor is worse than slickedit in terms of updates and costs

Ilya Ryzhenkov said...


We understand your pain, but we never claimed we are going to support C# 3.0 in ReSharper 3. The councidence of the version number equality is not enough reason to assume some product vX will support another product vX. We now have Visual Studio v9, C# v3, .NET v3.5, and in this line ReSharper will have v4.

ivonder2 said...

I know v4.0 has come out and we'd like to upgrade to it, but until the PO goes through, etc., we still need to install v3.1 on a machine that was wiped. Where can we download v3.1?

Thanks in advance.