09 June 2008

ReSharper 4.0 Gone Diamond

Here it is, ReSharper 4.0. After faceting our diamond, we are finally ready to release it!

In this new release, C# 3.0 is supported in all its power -- lambdas, extension methods, language integrated queries (aka LINQ), object and collection initializers, anonymous types, automatic properties and partial methods. Ah, of course implicitly typed locals ("vars") are there to argue for or against using them. I already wrote about some of the features, and you can find more information on the New Features page. Here is small final touch about how deeeeep we dived into the language: try introducing parameter from expression which uses local variables and play with checkboxes for local variables.

Except for new language support, we also improved our product in many other ways:
  • We added new powerful refactorings and greatly improved existing.

  • We extended typing helpers with CamelCase completion and Complete Statement. Now you can achieve more in less time.

  • We analysed many .NET Framework assemblies for you, and maked them up for you with CanBeNull/NotNull attributes. And ReSharper's value analysis raised to the next level.

  • We tested it with numerious other addons, plugins, SDKs and packages. And improved ReSharper's integration into Visual Studio ecosystem by a wonderful degree.

  • Of course we fixed a lot of problems and eliminated many performance bottlenecks.

I can't really enumerate all the improvements in ReSharper 4.0 made during last year. It would take too much space on this blog. Try it yourself! Feel the difference!

develop.With(pleasure => pleasure * 4.0);


innervision said...

I absolutely love your product. I remember a while back when everyone complained ReSharper made VS crawl like a slug, I used to point out that for every microsecond VS lost in performance, I gained a few seconds.

Nowadays I've become, unwillingly, a VB.NET programmer. So, I really feel the pain in the features you don't support on VB.NET. The day you get VB.NET to be a first class citizen in your product, I'll happily campaign for my company to license ReSharper for all VS machines :)


Victor Sergienko said...

It's really amazing.

Is there a way to run NotNull analysis in command-line mode and get a report?

It would be another value added to the product.

Rory said...

'We tested it with numerious other addons, plugins, SDKs and packages. And improved ReSharper's integration into Visual Studio ecosystem by a wonderful degree.'

Does that mean it will play nice with Coderush/Refactor?

Anonymous said...

Когда примерно ждать PowerToys? Хочется попробовать себя в написании плагинов

Adam said...

I second the request to make it play nice with Refactor Pro/Code Rush. There are tools in each of your products I like and wish they shared the scrollbar areas more nicely.

Anonymous said...

I've used the night's builds of the ReSharper 4.0 and noticed that in the early versions of ReSharper the ClearCase integration with VS 2008 was broken after installing of the ReSharper, then in some recent versions, I think, you fixed this problem, because the ClearCase integration was completely functional, and, unfortunately, in the released version this integration is broken again.

I think, there is some interference between ClearCase plugin and ReSharper exists. Is there some work around for this problem? Do you know about this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Ilya Ryzhenkov said...

On ClearCase, could you please contact support@jetbrains.com with the information about your problem? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What about the long-lasting issue when installing for a non-english version of Visual Studio? Are those problems (esp. keyboard scheme not assignable) eventually solved? It's a shame that such an annoying problems exists for so long in a commercial professional software...

Anonymous said...

(related with comment @ Jun 17)
We (with support@jetbrains.com (Andrey Serebryansky)) did discover, that the ClearCase's integration problem with VS 2008 wasn't related to ReSharper 4.0 and it is only ClearCase problem.

Anonymous said...

I think ReSharpers features are great. The problem I have is performace. When I have ReShaper enabled and start typing it takes 4-5 seconds for the text to show up on the screen. If I disable ReSharper it shows up right away. So we will probarbly have to move to a product with less features that does not slow down our work to much.