02 April 2008

We Read You, Anonymous

9 minutes ago I've received the following from anonymous user of our uninstall feedback form:

I am uninstalling ReSharper because my licencse is only for C# :)
Reinstall is waiting for me, so i can't lose my time typing some unuseful text that won't be read anyway.

Have a good time, JetBrains Server!

Thank you, Anonymous, I will pass this to our administrators so they can decide which server to route information to :)


David said...

Out of interest, how much of this kind of feedback do you get about the "ask for feedback on uninstallation" thing?

I must admit to having left similar feedback, like "I'm just upgrading versions! Don't panic! I'll be back!", or "Can you ask within the uninstaller if I want to leave feedback before popping up my browser?" :-)

Zhaph said...

Obviously some of it's getting through - I know I've left comments like that in the past, and I also noticed that most of the 4.0 nightly builds I've installed no longer ask for feedback when upgrading - Huzzah!

I've also been filling out the "what do you think so far" prompts.