31 January 2008

ReSharper 4 EAP Will Start in Two Weeks

ReSharper 4 Early Access Program will start within next two weeks, before Feb 15.

The delay is caused mostly by the complexity of lambda implementation, which we really want to do right so that the power of C# 3.0 and ReSharper can be utilized at a full rate. Now, when we have lambdas working, we will finish with LINQ processing, polish the code a bit and start nightly builds.

I'm going to post some feature highlights here during that period. This will cover C# 3.0 new features support, new features like Complete Statement and Recent Edits, improvements in intellisense like CamelHumps completion and other.

Stay tuned.


fallout said...

For those of us watching the nightly builds could the first 4.0 build there get marked somehow (I want to start dogfooding asap)?

Ilya Ryzhenkov said...

It will be separate page for ReSharper 4 builds.

Uta said...

Thanks for the update!

Is there a reason why JetBrains started the development for the new c# features so late?
The VS2008 betas have been out like forever and the new language features have been known for quite a while too.

I feel like a junkie being cut off from the good stuff. It really sucks to develop without Resharper :)

Ivan Suhinin said...

Thanks for the information!

I really worried about it - last day of January - and still no info =(.

By the way, will ReSharper 4 have the feature to choose between 'object' and 'Object', 'string' and 'String'? Our corporate guidelines forbid using 'object' and 'string' variants but ReSharper uses them all the time. This feature could be useful.

Thanks in advance!

Ilya Ryzhenkov said...

Uta, yes, there is a reason :)

Ilya Ryzhenkov said...


You can ask your corporate guidelines authors how are they going to enforce the guideline in the enum case:

enum Foo : long {}

C# compiler don't allow you to use Int64 here.

Anyway, we don't have such feature and we are not going to implement it in any near future.

Marlun said...

Woho! :) Can't wait...

Ivan Suhinin said...


I do know compiler won't allow you doing that. I was speaking exactly about Object and String types. But? anyway, you can't judge the 'No' word :)

Thanks for the answer

Andrew said...

Is there going to be any large improvement on the vb front, including "old" verisons like 2.0 and 3.0 of the framework?

Many things are broken right, and I'd be happy to troubleshoot the new verion. If I am not going to see any real improvements, then I'll just drop it, since my trial is up and i've been disappointed so far and haven't had a real reason to buy it yet. I would if I was writing c#, and i know how all y'all talk smack about us, but that's my job (Vb.net) for the moment.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! CamelHumps IntelliSense sounds cool! Wonder what people will end up calling it... CamelSense? IntelliHumps?

Igor said...

Guys, how many of us are really using the new C# 3.0 stuff: lambdas, LINQ?

Is it worthwhile to delay a new version of such a great product just to deliver the feature what might be used by 10% of the target audience?

I think that is road to nowhere. Don't go that way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Igor, living in the past is the road to nowhere.

Chris Brandsma said...

I am using Lambda and LINQ (I'm speaking on them at the Boise Code Camp in March) and I very much hope to have ReSharper 4.0 there to help me.

I can't think of a single project I've been on that wouldn't have been helped by Lambda expressions.

The other item that I'm interested in is help for Extension Methods.

Good new either way.

Ivan Suhinin said...


I'm using new C# 3.0 features widely. They are very useful and I think that 10% of all audience will _not_ use them and that's the good reason for delay.

simoneb said...

Looks like they're not doing Scrum, are they? ;)

asiemer said...

I am currently writing a book that has loads of LINQ and Lambda, etc. As much 3.0/3.5 as possible! I would much rather wait a few extra weeks for a near perfect tool than wait for a tool that is only broken in a different way (ReSharper 3.1 is disabled in almost all of my back end tiers as it currently doesn't know its ass from a hole in the ground!).

Please let me know when EAP is up..I would love to be a part of it! I really want to mention ReSharper in my book!

Corey said...

Because different people face different requirements, it should not be surprising that they want different things. Some people want an incomplete tool now, some want a perfect tool and are willing to wait for it.

But what I don't understand is why you can't satisfy both groups: release the incomplete tool now so that the early adopters can start giving you feedback. The people who want a finished product can continue to wait for it--this does not really impact them, as they would be waiting for the final product in any case.

Coming from the early adopter point of view, I'd like to make my case: I would rather have a tool where some C# 3.0 features are recognized rather than continue to use the one where none are.

For example, I bet you already have the "var" keyword working, as it is conceptually pretty simple to implement (given that you don't have to do anything new that ReSharper doesn't already know how to do). I would like to use the "var" keyword all over the place, as a convenience, but I can't... because it gets flagged by ReSharper; every variable declared as var is unrecognized by ReSharper in terms of IntelliSense, argument checking on function calls, etc.

On the other hand, I believe lambda expressions will be much more work for you, as you have to do a whole new kind of type inference that you've never done before. I respect the difficulty of the task, and I wouldn't be surprised if it takes you longer than you expect. But the strategy could be that you could publish what you have now, and even if the tool flags things as errors that it doesn't understand yet, that is better than the current ReSharper, which flags every new C# 3.0 feature as an error.

In other words you can give us a shovel today and a bulldozer when you are ready!

I am EAP ReSharper user and feedback provider since day 1, and I just want to say that you have an amazing tool, and I'd like to encourage you to let us see what you have!


Ilya Ryzhenkov said...


Thank you very much for your comment! This is kind of comment that could really change things :) I mean, telling us "we want EAP!" doesn't add much information to the table, and thus decision stays intact. Giving some input and explaining what you need may really change things.

buildmaster said...

I have add my support to Corey's comment, I don't necessarily want resharper to be even close to perfect now, but it would be great if i didn't have to turn it off for all my newer projects just so i can use lambdas and extension methods.
with such a developer target audience i think the release early and often mantra would work very well.

here's looking forward to 4.0

David said...

Hi Ilya,
Still on track for Feb 15th?
Not that I'm overly keen on anything...
<whistles nonchalantly />

Anonymous said...

Hm i'm reinstalling my machine... so if you say you make it until the 15th i'll just find a way to avoid programming the next two days :-)

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen it? Bueller?

cacheyourcash said...

Show me the money(^H^H^H^H^H) resharper 4. Come on it's time. At least please update the blog with the status, I have hit the blog 4 times in the hope of seeing the new shiny Resharper

simoneb said...

Here it is, updated 7 minutes ago: http://www.jetbrains.net/confluence/display/ReSharper/Download

cacheyourcash said...

can't see the link on confluence ... did they revert it back again? or am i missing something?

Ilya Ryzhenkov said...

Come on guys! Don't panic :)
Candidates for the build are now building on our TeamCity servers. Which one is the least poor - that one will be published.

cacheyourcash said...

Hahaha :) looking fwd to it ... Cheers

Corey Kosak said...

woohoo! Congrats!!!

Jim said...

Just wanted to start off by saying I love ReSharper and think you guys have an absolutely top notch product. Anywhere I'm working I'll always make a strong case for purchasing licenses for everyone.

Having said that, I really need to stress how valid and important the points Corey made are.

The organization I am currently at tends to be a little gun shy for whatever reason when it comes to 3rd party components. I convinced them to buy ReSharper for a project I was on with 4 developers doing VS 2005 development. That project has been bagged up as of late January.

We are now doing VS 2008 development on a new project and although the developers all like ReSharper and found it great for our last project it's still tough to convince management to purchase the tool for all the developers in the company (about 25).

They've caught wind of the fact that support for VS 2008 isn't there yet and I believe it's going to be enough of an excuse for them to not buy ANY more ReSharper licenses including upgrades for the 4 of us who were using it with VS 2005.

I don't want to come off as overly negative, I love the tool and think you guys do a great job but I think there were some bad business decisions made in regards to the release of version 4.