24 April 2007

Customizing ReSharper Colors

Sometimes people complain that they don't like ReSharper's colors, or default colors do not math their personal scheme, or identifier highlighting gets too much in the way. Luckily, you can configure colors.
Color configuration for ReSharper items can be changed in the Visual Studio Options (Tools Options menu), in the Fonts and Colors section. Select "Text Editor" in the settings combobox and scroll down to "Resharper" items. You will see color and font settings for identifiers of different kinds, error and warning highlighting, navigation targets, read/write usages and much more.


AndrewSeven said...

The turquoise highlight color of braces is particularly ugly.

Richard said...

I do not see any Resharper items in the Display items list...please advise.

Anonymous said...

Repair the installation, that will include them again. Sometimes they disappear, I don't know exactly why.