17 June 2007

ReSharper 3.0 Release Candidate

We are getting really close to ReSharper 3.0 release so we have a Release Candidate build published for you. It has LOTS of improvements over Beta2 particularly in language-specific editions. I recommend everyone to download the build. This might well be your last chance before relase to make sure it works perfectly for you.

Consequently, I will have more time for blogging next week, so if you have some particular topic in mind you would like me to write about -- drop me a comment.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, I'm looking forward to resharper 4.0 :).

Meanwhile, if there are any hints or workarounds to make resharper 3.0 work better with the new c# stuff in orcas and with linq, then a post on this topic would be most appreciated (Ctrl-8 does not seems to be the solution :).

I'm still having a hard time trying to understand why JetBrains keeps focusing on Visual Basic, but I really hope it works out for you and maybe there will be more resources in the future to catch up with the new features in c#.

Great product and a very helpful blog. Please keep it up, but pretty pretty please don't let us wait to long for the 4.0 EAP :)


Josh said...

I am also curious about your plans for Orcas support.
It will hardly seem worth it to pay the upgrade price to get ReSharper 3.0, if it will be obsolete within a few months when VS2008 is released.
Will VS2008 support be part of the 3.0 lifecycle, or will it be a separate paid upgrade?