12 July 2007

ReSharper 3.0.2 Early Access Program

We opened ReSharper 3.0.2 Early Access Program and now you can download nightly builds of the next bugfix update for ReSharper 3.0.

What is EAP and why do you want to participate?
There are two major benefits in using early builds and participating in the program:

  • You get the cutting edge technologies, new features, productivity improvements and bug fixes as soon as they are implemented. You don't have to wait for release, you can start working more effective immediately.

  • You can influence product development and make sure it works right for you, in your environment, for your development style.
Of course, participating in early access program has its disadvantages, mainly no guarantee that particular nightly or EAP build will work for your project (is there any software currently on the market which does guarantee anything?). However, we install nightly builds every day and rarely have fatal problems preventing us from using Visual Studio and ReSharper.

Why do we need EAP?
We need EAPers for the one simple reason - we can't setup that many test environments people have around the world. Various technologies, libraries, plugins, regional and cultural differences, operation systems and more and more. We can't cover it all. We also can't learn all that styles people do development in. With EAP we can listen to you, and listen early.

How to get most from EAP?
  • Be proactive. If you see something you don't like - tell us. If you feel something works slow - tell us. If you miss a feature, if you think ReSharper should be smarter in particular case, if you find a typo - file a request in our JIRA database.

  • Communicate. It doesn't work in a "fire and forget" style. Don't be anonymous, answer the questions team may ask. Explain why the feature is important and how it should work, give code examples to reproduce a bug, make screenshot when you think you see something wrong.

  • Update and share. I know, it takes some time to download and install new build. I wouldn't suggest to update daily, but if you are interested in taking most from EAP you'd update at least weekly. Tell us and other EAPers how the build is going. Discuss improvements and degradations. Share your experience.

Do you want to join today?

Start EAPing with pleasure! :)

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