07 November 2008

Microsoft Tech·Ed EMEA 2008 / Developers

We'll be there, at Microsoft Tech·Ed EMEA 2008 Developers, Barcelona, booth E3. If you are going to be there come visit us and let's talk! Whether you like to learn about ReSharper or TeamCity or dotTrace, grab some tips and tricks, learn what we are going to do in future versions, or just talk about how wonderful the world is - you're welcome at our booth. See you!


Tim Yen said...

Ilya, The nightly builds of resharper appear to have slowed down over the last month. Is that because you are moving to a new version 4.5 and this require major architectural changes, Or some other reason? Whats the roadmap look like?

Ilya Ryzhenkov said...

Yes, we are actively developing ReSharper 4.5 and 4.1 branch is receiving only critical fixes.

prashant said...

sos2.dll v1.2 version is out with a support to display GCHandles by type as you suggested :-) but there are still a few to do list