12 March 2009

ReSharper 4.5 -- Looking in the Past

I didn't post anything for 4 months and I want to fix that. Where is my light bulb I wonder? Not that I had nothing to say, more like I was wearing developer's hat. Anyway, I thought I could explain what's been going on and what we've been doing for the upcoming release, ReSharper 4.5.

But before I start talking about the new release, I'd like to look back at ReSharper history.

2004, July: ReSharper 1.0
First release of JetBrains ReSharper, productivity add-in for Visual Studio 2003 and C# 1.1. Code analysis, quick fixes and context actions, refactorings and templates, all in JetBrains' intelligent style.

System.Console.Out.WriteLine("Hello .NET world");

2005, March: ReSharper 1.5
Added 8 new refactorings. Performance was significantly improved.

2006, May: ReSharper 2.0
With this new release, ReSharper makes a step up from a simple add-in to a real development environment. Support for Visual Studio 2005 and C# 2.0, more refactorings, ASP.NET support, Unit Testing, build script support, additional navigation commands and more.

2006, December: ReSharper 2.5
Focus on the performance improvements and usability to improve developers' experience. Of course we couldn't resist a few new features as well: null-reference analysis, Navigate from Here and Go to File Member.

2007, June: ReSharper 3.0
Major feature-loaded release, bringing many productivity enhancements to the table. Many of them are now perceived as if they've been there forever. Go to Symbol, find referenced and dependent code, automatic member reordering, rearranging statements and members, to-do browser. Code analysis got suggestions, VB got many of the features previously available only for C#, and XAML made it to the list of supported technologies.

2008, June: ReSharper 4.0
This release introduced support for Visual Studio 2008 and C# 3.0 with vars, extension methods, lambdas, LINQ, object & collection initializers, anonymous types, and partial methods. This alone would be sufficient for a new major release. However, we did more: Solution-Wide Analysis, Code Cleanup, Complete Statement, more refactorings, improved IntelliSense, recent edits and other tools to simplify everyday development tasks.

That is how ReSharper have been evolving in the past. What's next?

2009, March-April: ReSharper 4.5

To be continued...


Libor said...

nice overview, I'm wondering what you have been doing that 4 months :). eagery waiting for the next part

Grumpy Grandma said...

Speed speed speed. Loving R#... can't wait for more speed improvements.