20 March 2009

ReSharper 4.5 -- From Beta to Release

It's been a while since we released ReSharper 4.5 Beta and it went pretty cool. Those who like fresh bits posted some feedback about Beta already, and they like it!

Of course, Beta is not Release and it has its own problems, which we are working on all days long. Nightly Builds are published and quality constantly improves. You can see community-based build rating improving from "Works" to "Stable", and we aim at five stars "No problems at all" for final version!

There is only one issue with achieving best quality for everyone:

Every combination of
project, environment and developer
is unique

We thoroughly test lots of cases: various packages and extensions installed into Visual Studio, operating system versions, types and sizes of projects, configurations of the environment. But there are thousands other unique combinations of those things, and of course your unique way of working with code.

In our course from ReSharper 4.5 beta to release, we welcome you to participate in the process of making ReSharper best productivity tool for you. Please, do not hide in shadows waiting for release. Tell us anything and everything you feel wrong about latests builds. Don't wait for someone else to report the problem, it can very well happen there is no someone else. Write in comments, post to Twitter, submit requests to our issue tracker, or send email to support at JetBrains. We are in hunger for your feedback! And we promise to do our best to improve your experience with ReSharper.

Thank you for your participation in the Early Access Program!

PS: Try Scott's Nightly Builds Updater, it will help you run the most recent bits of ReSharper.

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